Digging Deep into your Current Business

We will help you seriously draw reasonable assessments and conclusions with the Current Complexities of your business


Business Decision making is becoming as complex as ever and in this kind of challenging scenario, AIACME will help your business to stay on the right path with smart decisions forecasted beyond human cognitive capabilities. Increased Productivity and ultimately increased profits will accrue within your Organization based on our AI supported smart decision solutions.

Our AI based Cognitive solutions will not only help you to dig deep into your current business and predict the multiple possible scenarios emerging in the future, but it will also help you to gauge the impact of decisions made in terms of numerous outcome models? This will help your organization to go for the best possible decision under the prevailing circumstances whether it be related to the launch of a new product or in relation to business development.


What we offer

It’s highly important that you are able to reasonably predict the direction in which your business is moving. This will help you to avoid pitfalls and encash potential opportunities on real time basis. Our AI based Cognitive solutions will help you seriously draw reasonable assessments and conclusions with the Current Complexities of your business and help you chart out potential opportunities that was missed in the past. With simple input we can generate substantial outputs regarding your business and its performance.

The insights obtained through Cognitive AI solutions from AIACME will help you to continuously adopt to newer technologies and business processes on one hand and also help you to generate meaningful analytics which gives a thorough insight into possible emerging scenarios of the future. AI can give your company that much needed competitive edge through which you can consolidate your business and further expand to capture newer market share.

AIACME Cognitive AI solutions will help you to streamline your decision-making process by analyzing multiple business scenarios. This will be done by factoring in the numerous challenges and opportunities faced by your business. Our Cognitive AI solutions will thus help you to make the right decision leading to increased revenues and profits. We will create a decision tree with multiple decision scenarios for a particular business challenge or opportunity and help you to identify the best possible decision under a given circumstances leading to highly productive impact on your business.

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Amazing Benefits

Boost your organization's competitive advantage with AI ACME


Right product to the Right Customer more...

AIACME with its advanced AI Solutions can analyze your product within a 360-degree window and help you understand the perception of your product at customer level. This can help you to predict your Product’s performance at individual Customer level. AIACME will help you to target your product to individual customers based on their specific requirements and preferences. AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions will help you to individually position your product to your potential customers from the lead generation stage and will devise methods and solutions leading to effective product communication and promotion at every single customer level.

Customer Retention

Great insight into Customer preferences more...

With the help of Cognitive AI Solutions, you will get great insight into individual Customer preferences and Customer behavior. Once you have such insight, you can initiate necessary proactive market actions with refinement of Products and Services leading to substantial impact on Customer retention. The more successful you are with Customer retention, greater would be the revenues that will be generated for the Organization.

Lead Generation

Effective data-driven Lead Generation more...

Our Cognitive AI solutions will help your company to navigate through vast amount of Market data, trends and preferences. This will help your company in Lead generation as well as help you to respond with speed to a Lead or Prospect in real time.

Responsive business

Competitive edge of responding to Customers in real time more...

In today’s market place one needs a highly responsive business with its own mind rather than the traditional transactional business model. With the cognitive AI solutions from AIACME, you can have the competitive edge of responding to your Customers in real time basis.

Prevention: Customer Churn

Analyze individual Customer behavior and make predictions more...

With Cognitive AI Solutions you can analyze individual Customer behavior and predict if the Customer is high risk category Customer in terms of Customer Churn. Thus, proactively understanding the Customer preferences and behavior, you can offer better products and services and prevent Customer churn. This can help to increase substantial revenues for your Organization.

One Step Ahead of your Competition

Beat the competition with data-driven strategies more...

Our Cognitive AI based solutions will help you to be one step ahead of your competition by analyzing and monitoring competitor pricing, offers, promotions and other market related activities. Based on these analytics you can create platform for Dynamic pricing and promotional strategy. With speed and scale, you can implement educated pricing strategies and promotional activities which can beat the competition and help you in offering right product or service plan to the right customer at the right place and time.

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