The insurance business is highly dynamic in nature. The Insurance companies strive to remain competitive by implementing newer technologies and continuously streamlining and regulating their business processes. The Cognitive AI solutions from AIACME can help the insurers to continuously adopt to newer technologies and business processes on one hand and also help it generate meaningful analytics which gives a thorough insight into possible emerging scenarios of the future. AI can give the insurance companies that much needed competitive edge through which they can consolidate their business and further expand to capture newer market share.


How to offer Faster, Customized Claims Settlement?

AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions will help device online interfaces and virtual claims adjusters through which the settlement of claims process will become more efficient. Another area where AIACME Cognitive AI solutions can help is the Peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance where customers have the flexibility to select premiums for their claim settlement.

How to create personalized Behavioral Policy Pricing?

With the help of Telematic and wearable sensor data, AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions will enable lower premiums for less risky behavior for example driving less in case of Accident Cover premiums or exercising more for Healthcare Cover premiums.

How to provide Customer Experience & Coverage Personalization?

With the help of Chatbots, which can pull on Customers geographic and social data, AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions will help you offer personalized interactions and seamless automated buying experience to your customers. Further AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions will help your company to provide on-demand insurance to your customers through carriers that allow users to customize coverage for specific items and events.

How to detect Fraudulent Claims?

AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions with analyze and identify patterns in data and would also capture traits that would be invisible to the human eye. This will help your company to identify fraudulent claims in the process.

How to find new Customers for your Insurance business?

AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions will help you to leverage highly complex customer data to gain workable insights, communicate highly customized products to the prospects with the use of digital tools and zealously implement business process which covers from lead generation to final sales. This will give your company that much desired first mover advantage in terms of responding to policy inquires and connecting suitable agents to prospects in real time scenario.

With the cognitive AI solutions from AI ACME, you can have the competitive edge of responding to new policy enquiries and then connect the most suitable agents to the prospects on real time basis. Further you can continuously monitor the Agent – Prospect interactions and influence positive outcomes based on timely tips and solutions.

How can you carry out Claims Prediction?

AIACME Cognitive AI solutions will help you to analytically understand the whole claim process and will help you to robustly handle genuine claims with great insights. This will bring customer satisfaction and delight in your products and services. Further, it will also help to prevent potential frauds as well as negative publicity when claims are not handled in an efficient and robust manner.

How to Predict and Prevent Customer Churn?

With AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions you can analyze individual Customer behavior and predict if the Customer is high risk category Customer in terms of Customer Churn. Thus, proactively understanding the Customer preferences and behavior, you can offer better products and services and prevent Customer churn. This can help to increase substantial revenues for your Organization.