AIACME Cognitive AI solutions can analyze data and make predictions. The AIACME Cognitive AI solutions has the ability to extract actionable insights from large datasheets. Thus, the AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions can help Marketers to churn large data and find new prospects or recommend hot leads which is already existing with the company which can be further pursued. Our Cognitive AI solutions will help you to find more and better leads.

Our AI based Cognitive solutions will not only help you to dig deep into your current business and predict the multiple possible scenarios emerging in the future, but it will also help you to gauge the impact of decisions made in terms of numerous outcome models? This will help your organization to go for the best possible decision under the prevailing circumstances whether it be related to the launch of a new product or in relation to business development.


How to Understand the Leads better?

AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions will help you to analyze Visual Content from Social Media and understand Consumer behavior. This will be done by identifying Logos, Objects and Demographic interests about other brands. Another way AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions can help you is by understanding buyer personas from data related to CRM, Marketing automation and Social media and recommend specific communications to close the deal.

How to find New Leads?

AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions mines the connection between people, companies, products and places on web and identify new Customers. AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions will also bring about the necessary integration of your automation software and thus find new leads from them.

How to convert Leads to Sales?

AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions will target your existing Customers with high-conversion campaigns that scale. Further, AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions will personalize on-site content to maximize visitor engagement. This will help to Target new user and re-target those who visit your onsite content. This will lead to increased engagement and thus higher conversion rates and sales.

How to build a qualified pipeline?

AIACME Cognitive AI Solutions will use machine learning to build sales models based on CRM and third-party data sources. This will help to predict which accounts are most likely to close. Further AIACME will recommend next set of actions that need to be taken by the Sales team to decisively close the sales.